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A healthy workforce is pivotal to a productive workplace. A successful business relies on people to deliver the most effective results, and the most effective people are those who are working in safe and healthy environment. Dynamic Occupational Health Solutions facilitates small, medium and large businesses in healthy working processes, injury prevention, return to work strategies following injury, illness and supporting employers in accessibility programs.
Boasting a diverse staff group of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Rehabilitation Counsellors and Workers Compensation Specialists, Dynamic Occupational Health Solutions is able to deliver a full range of health management solutions to help your business manage your workforce’s health and safety. Over the past 3 years, Dynamic Occupational Health Solutions has delivered services that far exceed industry standards against return to work rates, duration and cost of our services. Our outcomes driven service delivery, ensures that all the services we provide, contribute to the agreed service goal of the clients.

Services Overview
Workplace Rehabilitation Services - Same Employer

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Workplace Rehabilitation Services - Different Employer

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Pre-employment Screening

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Medico-legal Assessment

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Premium Management Consultancy

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Ergonomic Assessment

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CTP Case Management

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Life Insurance

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Training and Health and Safety Consultancy

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Phone 1300 795 062 during business hours to find out more on how Dynamic Occupational Health Solutions can help your business, manage its worker’s health and safety more effectively and reduce the financial implication of workers compensation.

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